Financial halachic guidance – Covid-19 – from the Federation Beis Din

A number of enquiries have been made in recent days regarding financial issues that have arisen in the current circumstances of the coronavirus crisis pandemic. In particular, people have been asking whether parents are obliged to continue paying for kindergarten and playgroup services when the services are no longer being provided, and whether people who have rental contracts for apartments in Eretz Yisroel but are currently stranded in the UK and cannot return to Eretz Yisroel need to continue paying for the rent of their apartments.

Emotional Zayin Adar Seudah – Article Hamodia

This year’s Zayin Adar seudah for the Federation’s chevrah kaddisha was more emotional than most, as it included divrei preidah from Dayan Y.Y. Lichtenstein, outgoing Rosh Beis Din, who oversaw the establishment of the chevrah kaddisha 29 years ago and has carefully nurtured, advised and supported the group over the years.
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